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Current legislation requires that all food handlers are trained in food hygiene to a level appropriate for the level of risk involved.


In practice the industry guides to food hygiene and Institute of Food Science and Technology guidance recommends that all staff who work unsupervised and handle open foods need formal training to at least Elementary level.

There is also a new requirement for staff involved in setting up or maintaining a HACCP based system to have appropriate training in this. Recent years have seen a change in style of legislation towards a requirement for businesses to 'self regulate'. This has increased the burden on small businesses, in particular, with regard to training staff, assessing risks and implementing risk management systems or HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) systems.

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of food hygiene schemes and are actively looking for quality providers when choosing where to eat. More food businesses are now displaying their hygiene rating stickers and a third of them say that this has resulted in greater customer confidence, better reputation among customers and, most importantly, more customers.  

Let Ben Lomond Training keep you ahead of the game.






We can help you comply with food hygiene legislation; carry out food safety inspections and provide practical guidance on compliance.

We can prepare your comprehensive Food Safety (HACCP) Policy as required under The Food Hygiene (Scotland) Regulations 2006 and provide associated training on how to comply with your policy.

To produce a Food Safety (HACCP) Policy the following steps will be carried out:

Initial fact-finding visit to your premises
Review of existing systems and monitoring procedures
Review of process flow and equipment
Review of management controls
Review of staff training requirements
Preparation of Food Safety (HACCP) Policy
Preparation of HACCP monitoring forms
Delivery of Food Safety (HACCP) Policy
Provision of training


1.REHIS Introductory Food Hygiene (Level 1) Minimum 2 hrs

Designed to meet the initial training needs of new food handlers and support staff. 

This minimum 2 hour course  teaches best practice,  highlights how problems can arise,  teaches employees how to prevent problems and identifies the importance of complying with high hygienic standards.

* Prices on enquiry and will be adjusted accordingly depending on numbers.

2.REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene (Level 2): 1 DAY £50 per person

Programme Overview

This essential food hygiene package is widely accepted as a standard qualification for employees working in the food industry.  It is a one day course with a multiple choice examination. The course materials are available in Polish, Udru, Punjabi, Cantonese and a few other European languages.

 The course is presented in English but the handbook and exam can be completed in these languages. This programme is designed to give food handlers at all levels an appreciation of the fundamentals of good food hygiene practice.

 Who should attend?

All food handlers from kitchen, food service, housekeeping, bar and care positions.

 Programme Outline

?     Food Poisoning

?     Bacteriology

?     Contamination & Food Poisoning

?     Personal Hygiene

?     Premises, Equipment & Pest Control

?     Cleaning & Disinfection

?     Legislation

 Programme Format

1 day programme, highly participative with certification awarded on completion of a multiple-choice test at the end of the course.

 Delegate Fees- Can be adjusted accordingly depending on numbers.

Fee includes REHIS registration, exam and certification fees. 

3.REHIS Intermediate Food Hygiene Course (Level 3):   3  DAYS

 This qualification is aimed at staff working at a supervisory level and who require additional understanding and knowledge of food safety. This is a three day course followed by a half day written examination. The Industry Guides to food Hygiene recommends this level 3 training for supervisors and chefs. Particularly suitable for Managers and Supervisory food handling staff, this 3 day programme reinforces the importance of the supervisory role in preventing food poisoning. On successful completion the supervisor will be equipped to satisfactorily operate a HACCP Food Safety system, in accordance with legislative requirements and the standards required to achieve the Eat Safe Award.

Programme Overview

This programme is designed to develop supervisors who have successfully completed the Elementary Food Hygiene programme.

Who should attend?

All supervisory and management in food handling operations, particularly those with the responsibility to supervise and monitor the HACCP food safety management system.

Programme outline


Food Contamination & it's prevention

Food Poisoning & Food borne diseases

Personal Hygiene

Food Storage & Temperature control

Design & Construction

Pest Control

Supervisory Management

Food Safety Legislation

Programme Format

3 days of highly participative training with certificate on successful completion of 2 hour written exam after the programme is completed

Programme Dates

Open Course Costs to be agreed- this includes REHIS registration, exam and certification fees with refreshments and light lunch on the programme

*Prices on enquiry and will be adjusted accordingly depending on numbers.

4. REHIS Elementary Refresher Course day

This is an interactive workshop based half day course aimed at keeping food handlers who hold an Elementary Food Hygiene Certificate up to date.

Participation in this course means you will receive an up to date food hygiene certificate but you would not need to re-do the full  day course and exam.

 Delegates need to have a level 2 food hygiene certificate which was obtained within the last 3 years in order to be eligible for this course. For those with older qualification you would need to redo the full course and exam.



 Course Schedule

   Elementary Food Hygiene

   Health & Safety

   First Aid

   Licensing Laws

   Licensing Refreshers


   More to follow....




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